How Pelago Closed Over $2 Million in New ARR with SaaSMQL

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"When we look at the different channels, tactics, and programs that we've run over the last two years, our ABM program with SaaSMQL always stands out as one of our top performers. This has been one of our most effective channels, campaigns, and vendor relationships."

Chad Egelhoff
Senior Director of Demand Generation


Pelago’s virtual clinic offers personalized substance use management care for members who want to cut back on their substance use and live healthier lives. Chad Egelhoff, Senior Director of Demand Generation, oversees all demand-based initiatives and was interested in expanding Pelago’s channels. Chad was looking for a partner that could help his sales team engage and close high-quality enterprise accounts quickly, efficiently, and within budget. For the last 2 years, SaaSMQL has worked with Pelago on 20+ strategic ABM campaigns that have delivered over $10 million in pipeline and $2 million in new recurring revenue.


The Pelago ABM program consisted of 5 core stages:

1) Strategic Account Segmentation
2) LinkedIn ABM Ads
3) Targeted Email Campaigns
4) Custom Direct Mail
5) Sales Hand-Off

Before launching, SaaSMQL worked closely with Chad and his team to identify, select, and categorize the ideal enterprise accounts and decision-makers. Leveraging Pelago's historical data and Ideal Customer Persona (ICP), SaaSMQL helped build a robust pool of target accounts, which were then segmented by industry, company size, and other ICP criteria. Following this, the SaaSMQL team developed personalized email messaging, LinkedIn Ad content, and direct mail concepts aimed at addressing the specific pain points of the targeted segments.

The program's initial phase included personalized email outreach, aimed at warming up and priming prospects for further engagement. Targeted LinkedIn ads were also leveraged to connect with contacts at target accounts, adding lead form submissions into the email campaigns. This email outreach strategy was organized into two sequences: warm-up emails for cold accounts, and timely follow-up messages sent after the prospect received the direct mail offer.

The direct mail component was seamlessly integrated into the email sequence, fostering an end-to-end ABM program that triggers a follow-up email sequence as soon as the direct mail is received. The branded direct mail's role is to personalize the campaign, grab the attention of decision-makers at the target accounts, and prompt them to book an introductory call or a demo.

As the campaign progressed, qualified leads expressing interest were passed along to the BDR team through SaaSMQL's automated handoff process for timely follow-up.

driving conversionS with SAASMQL'S ABM PROGRAM

Direct Mail Campaign: The direct mail package was created using Pelago’s brand guidelines, campaign goals, and value proposition in mind. It includes a clear headline to drive the attention of our target prospects. Inside the box, we include a brief summary of the value proposition, an interactive blacklight flashlight that highlights the benefits of partnering with Pelago, and a call-to-action that asks prospects to book a demo.

Landing page: The landing page is created specifically for this ABM program, and matches the direct mail offer and call-to-action.The page contains a form that notifies the appropriate sales rep.


The Pelago ABM program successfully brought in over 30 high-quality opportunities and $10 million in pipeline revenue. Since beginning to work together in 2022, Pelago has closed $2 million in new annual recurring revenue with SaaSMQL, and continues to break through the noise with direct mail in 2024.

RESULTS: Over $10 million in pipeline and $2 million in new annual recurring revenue closed.