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‍‍Direct Mail Campaigns

If your company is targeting mid-market or enterprise accounts, you can't just rely on cold emails or digital ads to drive opportunities and pipeline. 98% of emails are never even opened, and search ads are becoming extremely competitive and expensive. On the other hand, direct mail is still an unexplored channel in B2B and SaaS, so it has huge potential.

Combining online and offline channels with a cohesive message can quickly generate awareness and engagement. This is why we leverage direct mail as the primary channel to convert the initial engagement into a discovery call and opportunity.

We integrate with your current inbound and outbound funnels to trigger a direct mail sequence for the right person at the right time. Our integrated campaign funnel combines emails, ads, and direct mail into a consistent and well-timed workflow.

Start with a pilot campaign today to test if our integrated campaign approach can work for your business.


How Intellimize Leveraged  Direct Mail To Generate $4.6M In Sales Pipeline

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Is Direct Mail Effective for SaaS?

Even though a single direct mail box could be expensive ($30-$50 + shipping), its ROI can be really significant, even above 10X. This is because a direct mail box delivered directly to a selected decision maker is much more effective than a digital ad or an email at grabbing the attention, engaging the prospect, and triggering an action. The person who receives a box from a vendor will most likely retain a good impression about the company, even if there is no immediate sales opportunity.

Compared to Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and tradeshows, a well-executed direct mail campaign can generate qualified meetings and opportunities at a much lower cost-per-acquisition (CAC) and a much higher ROI. Most of our clients target enterprise and mid-market companies and their average deal size is usually above $20,000 ARR, and often well above $100,000 ARR.

SaaS intent-driven demand generation

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B2B direct mail example - SaaSMQL

B2B Direct Mail Campaigns & Remote Employees

The year 2020 has changed the way many companies and employees work. Remote work is becoming more and more common, which presents a challenge when we want to run offline campaigns such as direct mail, and reach the decision maker in our target accounts.

At SaaSMQL we have implemented a series of steps to dramatically increase the deliverability of the direct mail boxes that we ship. If you are blindly mailing a box to a prospect's corporate headquarter, you are probably wasting 30% of your campaign budget.

Our integrated direct mail campaigns are part of a multichannel outbound marketing framework. The direct mail box is triggered only at the end of the sequence, and only when certain criteria are met. This is how we are able to consistently achieve more than 10X ROI and generate 6-figure ARR deals with our direct mail program.


Direct Mail Analytics & Optimization

Sending a gift box to a prospect is an easy task. The challenge is to launch and scale a profitable ABM program that consistently generate qualified opportunities from target accounts and a predictable ROI.

When we work with our SaaS clients, we want to improve the results of our ABM and direct mail campaigns, round after round. We analyze every possible data, from the target list, engagement by account segment, by title, by location, email open rate, reply rate, engagement rate, pipeline sourced, budget ROI, Direct Mail Box to Meeting Booked ratio (DM/SAL).

We also use our benchmark data from over 50,000 boxes shipped over the last 3 years to forecast your future budget and ROI based on your quarterly goals.

SaaS intent-driven demand generation

What We Learned From Sending 27,000 Direct Mail Boxes

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Done-For-You Direct Mail Program


Based on your sales goals and budget,
customized for your target persona.


We build your target accounts and target contacts list based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


We manage the entire logistics of your campaign, from sourcing items to assembly to shipment via FedEx.


Fully automated sequences, coordinated with
the direct mail shipping and delivery dates.


We track delivery dates and automatically follow-up with each recipient with an automated email sequence.


You'll receive weekly and monthly reports to track
campaign spending, opportunities, pipeline and ROI.

How We Generate $1M In Sales Pipeline With Direct Mail

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Getting Started with ABM & SaaS Direct Mail

It's getting harder and harder to get the attention of decision makers from mid-market and enterprise accounts.

Email has proven to be a very effective channel,  but today each prospect receives from 50 to 150+ emails per day. Breaking through the noise is becoming more and more challenging.

Think about it: how many gift boxes have you received from potential vendors in the last week? And in the last month? Most likely ZERO. But how many emails have you received from SDRs and account executives?

As part of a targeted ABM strategy, direct mail is very effective at converting unresponsive leads into opportunities and generating pipeline from enterprise and mid-market accounts.