How Verse Generated 35 Opportunities from Target Accounts in 4 Months with a Scalable Account-Based Marketing Strategy

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"“In the first 4 months of running this program we closed 2 deals. The ROI was already there, so at that point it was proved, it worked, and it seemed like the people we were speaking to had a really positive experience. So it was not just helping drive revenue, but also creating a positive customer experience."

Sheel Gupta
VP of Marketing


Verse engages and qualifies your inbound leads instantly using AI + real people, creating a flawless customer experience at any scale. Their VP of Marketing, Sheel Gupta, needed a program that could replace the pipeline that had previously been driven by events (prior to COVID19). They chose to expand their ABM programs and needed a partner who could help with the strategy, operations, and implementation of scaled ABM campaigns. Since working with SaaSMQL, these ABM programs have brought in 35 qualified opportunities in the first 4 months

VERSE - ABM Funnel

The funnel that we implemented for Verse leveraged 3 main channels: 1) Cold Email Outreach, 2) LinkedIn Ads, and 3) Direct Mail.

Account-Based Marketing Funnel - SaaSMQL

The funnel that we implemented for Verse used a combination of emails and direct mail campaigns to convert warm accounts into qualified opportunities. We also used LinkedIn Ads to retarget prospects at target accounts and send them into the direct mail sequence. The email outreach play is broken up into 2 parts: warm-up emails (for Cold accounts) and follow-ups (once the prospect receives the direct mail offer). The direct mail piece is integrated into the email sequence, forming a cohesive ABM play when we trigger a follow-up email as soon as the box is delivered. The direct mailer is used to add a personal touch to the campaign and grab the attention of decision makers from the target accounts and schedule a demo.

driving conversion with b2b direct mail

Gift box: The direct mail package is branded outside and inside with a clear headline to drive the attention of our target prospects. Inside the box we include a brief summary of the value proposition, and a call-to-action with an incentive to be sent after the initial intro call.
LinkedIn ads: The LinkedIn ads are created from successful blog content, and targets the same list of accounts as via email and direct mail. Leads from this program are added into the direct mail sequence. 
Landing page: The landing page is created specifically for this ABM program, and matches the direct mail offer and call-to-action. The page contains a form that notifies the appropriate sales rep.

SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident CannabisSaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis
SaaSMQL ABM Program Results

RESULTS: 35 qualified opportunities in 4 months
Verse generated 35 qualified opportunities in 4 months using a scalable ABM strategy. Each month we selected a list of ideal prospects from target accounts and engaged them with our integrated approach using email, LinkedIn, and the direct mail piece.