How Rapid7 fueled their ABM strategy booking more meetings with a higher ROI

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"SaaSMQL has been one of the best marketing programs, not only in terms of the number of meetings, but also in the ROI we see."

Ryan Gazdacka
Manager of Growth Marketing


Rapid7 delivers the world's only practitioner-first security solutions. Rapid7 believes in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and automation that unites teams around challenges and successes of cybersecurity. SaaSMQL worked with the team at Rapid7 to hone and scale their ABM program.

RAPID7 - ABM Funnel

The funnel that we implemented for Rapid7 leveraged 2 main channels: 1) Cold Email Outreach 2) Direct Mail.

driving conversionS with SAASMQL'S ABM PROGRAM

Target Accounts: The SaaSMQL team worked with the team at Rapid7 to build account lists based on their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). They built target prospect lists and generated a unique email messaging sequence to engage individuals at these highly desirable accounts.

Gift box
: SaaSMQL created branded gift boxes representing Rapid7 and their offerings. Branded both inside and out, the packages included a clever headline and just the right amount of information on the inside to make the recipients curious. The information includes a letter introducing the brand and a one-pager with Rapid7's value proposition plus a call-to-action to book a demo.

Email sequence

Engaged leads were enrolled in an automated email follow-up sequence to continue to nurture them to conversion to qualified meetings. Qualified prospects who showed interest by opening or clicking emails in the series - or - who provided their address when prompted, were enrolled in the Direct Mail campaign, shipped a box, and added to the follow-up outreach email series.



In only 6 months, the ABM Program generated 180 qualified meetings from target accounts for Rapid7.