How Openprise generated 50 opportunities from target accounts with integrated direct mail campaigns

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"The whole experience [working with SaaSMQL] has been really seamless. It's exciting to hear from prospects when we get a reply back and they're excited about receiving a box. Seeing the whole process working out has been thrilling."

Jasmine Chung, Director of Demand Generation and Revenue Operations at Openprise

Jasmine Chung
Director of Demand Generation & Rev Ops


Openprise is a no code RevOps Automation platform that transforms data into actionable steps at scale. Their Director of Demand Generation and Rev Ops, Jasmine Chung, needed a program that could open up conversations with prospects where the sales team could not. They chose to expand their ABM programs and needed a partner who could help with the strategy, operations, and implementation. Since working with SaaSMQL, their ABM programs have driven 50 opportunities from target accounts in 12 months. The program combined witty messaging with a unique and practical gift⎻socks. Prospects were asked: are you getting cold feet with dirty data? The offer, the messaging, and the timing had a huge impact that helped the sales team drive conversations.


The funnel that we implemented for Openprise leveraged 3 main channels: 1) Cold Email Outreach 2) LinkedIn Ads 3) Direct Mail.

Account-Based Marketing Funnel - SaaSMQL
driving conversionS with b2b direct mail

Gift box: The direct mail package is branded both outside and inside. The outside of the box presents the Openprise brand with their logo and a clear headline to drive the attention of target prospects. Inside, a brief summary of the value proposition is included along with a call-to-action with an incentive (Amazon gift card) to be sent after the prospect attends the initial intro call.

LinkedIn ads: The LinkedIn ads are created based on high-performing blog content and target the same list of accounts as the email and direct mail efforts. Leads from the LinkedIn program are added into the direct mail sequence. 

Landing page: The landing page is customized for this ABM program and matches the direct mail design, offer, and call-to-action. The page contains a form that notifies the appropriate sales rep.

SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis
Email sequence

Leads from LinkedIn and other sources (based on the Openprise ICP) were enrolled in an automated email follow-up sequence to continue to nurture them to conversion to qualified meetings. Qualified prospects who showed interest by opening or clicking emails in the series - or - who provided their address when prompted, were enrolled in the Direct Mail campaign, shipped a box, and added to the follow-up outreach email series that also reminded them of the additional incentive to take a meeting.

SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis
abm success - tips from openprise

SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis