Account-Based Marketing
Agency for SaaS Startups

If your ideal customers are mid-market or enterprise companies, and your SaaS solution sells for $20K or more per year, then you must consider implementing a cohesive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy. With ABM you can allocate the bulk of your demand generation budget to engage the companies that are more likely to become customers, and that would generate the highest revenue.

A personalized approach is crucial when we want to engage with decision makers from enterprise companies. The target account list must be segmented in multiple tiers and cohorts. Each segment will have it's own budget, marketing assets, and campaign sequence.

At SaaSMQL we have developed a proven system to select and engage with top accounts via highly targeted campaigns. Our account-based marketing funnel combines emails and direct mail to convert  prospects into qualified sales opportunities.

The majority of your marketing budget should be directed toward a carefully selected list of target accounts, and not wasted on unqualified prospects. By aggregating your CRM data with 3rd party intent data, we can build a solid target account list, which becomes the focus of our campaigns.

Campaign attribution and analytics is also a fundamental part of the system. By tracking every single interaction from cold account to opportunity, we can optimize the system and scale the campaigns that are showing the highest ROI.

SaaS intent-driven demand generation

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The success of your ABM campaigns will depend on how well you have defined your ideal target. It's often tempting to broaden your definition of perfect customer, especially if your solution can serve multiple segments or industries. But this will almost certainly kill your growth.

At SaaSMQL, we believe in concentrating your marketing budget toward the low hanging fruit, meaning the accounts that are most likely to buy from you. After reviewing your CRM data (current customers, open opportunities, lost opportunities, content leads, web visits) we develop your Ideal Customer Profile, and use it to build a strong target account list.

By engaging with the right people at the right companies, we can quickly drive conversions and opportunities, in a predictable and scalable way.

SaaS intent-driven demand generation
B2B direct mail example - SaaSMQL

Integrated Direct Mail Campaigns

Our approach involves a combination of online and offline tactics, well integrated with each other. Using a combination of custom campaigns designed for each account segment, we are able to break through the noise and generate qualified meetings with decision makers.

In our system, email sequences and direct mail campaigns are all directed to the same set of carefully selected accounts, ensuring the highest conversion rate and ROI.

Our campaigns have generated tens of millions of dollars in pipeline for our clients over the past 3 years. We have generated opportunities with companies like Visa, Delta Airlines, Foot Locker, Burger King, T-Mobile, Amazon and more.


Track Campaign ROI & Attribution

One of the reasons why SaaS companies don't feel comfortable investing in demand generation is because they don't have clear visibility on which campaigns are driving pipeline and revenue, and which ones should be cut.

We track every single interaction with our programs, from initial click to conversion to opportunity. We measure account engagement, intent, funnel conversion rates, budget spent, pipeline generated, and ROI.

Knowing what programs are driving qualified meetings and revenue will allow your company to double down on what is working, thus fueling your ARR growth.

SaaS intent-driven demand generation

From Target Account to Qualified Opportunity


Our system starts from a data-driven selection and prioritization of your target accounts. We analyze your CRM data and leverage 3rd party intent data to identify the companies that are most likely to convert into opportunities and customers.


We manage the full execution of integrated campaigns on direct mail, LinkedIn ads and display ads. We take care of each step, from designing assets, building and verifying prospects lists, and managing lead flow.


We automate your lead flow and track account engagement, buying intent, and campaign ROI. We use this data to refine the program week after week.