Demand Generation Club

The Demand Generation Club started in 2015 in San Francisco as a local meetup focused on B2B demand generation and account-based marketing (ABM). Since then, we have hosted dozens of events covering topics such as marketing automation, paid ads, webinar strategy, content marketing, ABM and many more.

The goal of this community is to learn from each other, share our experience, and to network with other B2B marketers. Everyone can contribute to the community and share their knowledge.  

DemandGen Club - B2B Demand generation community

The B2B Marketing Community

The Demand Generation Club is a group of B2B marketing professionals, passionate about sharing best practices and lessons. We meet every 2 months in San Francisco, and we run two webinars per month focused on different demand generation topics. These include:

- Digital ads
- Marketing automation
- Content marketing
- Marketing/sales alignment
- Marketing analytics
- Lead scoring & lead nurturing
- Account-Based marketing
- Webinars & event

If you are interested in learning from other demand generation pros, or if you would like to share your experience, join our community.