How Side generated $1.2M ARR with an integrated direct mail campaign

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“The whole SaaSMQL team is experienced and accessible, you really have the formula locked down. You’re also able to share detailed reports and best practices you learn with other clients, all that helps make our programs even more effective. I can’t imagine trying to execute programs like this without SaaSMQL as a resource.”

Jessica Cates
Sr. Manager, Demand Generation


Side is a real estate technology company that transforms real estate agents and brokerages into businesses and boutique brands. Their Head of Marketing recognized that trying to get the attention of some of the country’s busiest people can be very difficult, and they needed something creative (and scalable) that could cut through the noise. When they learned about SaaSMQL’s multi-touch direct mail campaigns they were curious. Starting with a small pilot campaign, they immediately saw the value and scaled the program over time to generate around $17M in pipeline in 6 months from ABM.

SIDE - ABM Funnel

The funnel that we implemented for Side leveraged 2 main channels: 1) Cold Email Outreach and 2) Direct Mail.

Account-Based Marketing Funnel - SaaSMQL

The funnel that we implemented for Side combined emails and direct mail to engage accounts and convert them into qualified opportunities. The email outreach play is broken up into 2 parts: warm-up emails (for Cold accounts) and follow-ups (once the prospect receives the direct mail offer). Email and direct mail are integrated into a cohesive ABM play, triggering a follow-up email sequence as soon as the box is delivered. The direct mailer adds a personal touch to the campaign, and helps grab the attention of busy prospects who otherwise might not schedule a meeting.

driving conversion with b2b direct mail

The direct mail gift is thoughtful and elegant for a busy, top-producing real estate agent. Each box includes a summary of Side’s benefits and metrics, and a call to action to book a meeting.

Rise & Grind Campaign ("Seize the day")
SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis
Champagne Campaign ("Celebrate your success")
SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis
Rocketbook Campaign  (Productivity) 
SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis
SaaSMQL ABM Program Results

RESULTS: Scaled to 351 opportunities in 6 months, $17M in pipeline
What started as a small test campaign with 150 accounts in 2019, has become a full-fledged ABM program targeting 3,000 accounts per quarter. In our fully scaled ABM program, we target 1,000 prospects per month with an integrated email campaign and a triggered direct mail gift. In H1 of 2021 we converted 351 opportunities for a total of $17M in pipeline and $1.2M ARR (with over $9M pipeline still open).

In March 2021, Side raised $150M in Series D funding at a $1B valuation.