How Confident Cannabis Used Direct Mail to Engage with 33% of Their Target Accounts

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"Our average annual contract value is roughly $12,000 a year, so even just signing one contract with this campaign with you would've made the campaign pay for itself. I think we probably signed two or three by now, and then we've got another three or four in the pipeline in some form of pitching or onboarding. From an ROI perspective, this was a very, very worthwhile thing to do."

Steve Albarran
Founder & CEO
Confident Cannabis


Confident Cannabis offers the only lab information management system made for the cannabis industry. Their CEO Steve Albarran was looking to build an Account-Based Marketing campaign to target the ~250 of certified cannabis testing labs in North America. The typical inbound strategy (content, SEO, SEM) was not moving the needle much from a demand generation perspective. Confident Cannabis partnered with SaaSMQL to develop a high-touch program and engage the target account list with a multi-channel approach, combining cold email outreach, direct mail and email follow-ups. In 3 months, the program helped engaging 33.8% of the accounts and generated 25 opportunities, for a total of $300,000 in sales pipeline (ARR).

confident cannabis - ABM Funnel

The funnel that we implemented for Confident Cannabis leveraged 2 main channels: 1) Cold Email Outreach and 2) Direct Mail.

Account-Based Marketing Funnel - SaaSMQL

The funnel that we implemented for Confident Cannabis used a combination of emails and direct mail to engage cold accounts and convert them into qualified opportunities. The email outreach play is broken up into 2 parts: warm-up emails (for Cold accounts) and follow-ups (once the prospect receives the direct mail offer). Email sequences and direct mail are integrated into a cohesive ABM play, triggering a follow-up email sequence as soon as the box is delivered. The direct mail is used add a personal touch to the campaign and to grab the attention of the decision makers from the target labs and book a discovery call.

driving conversion with b2b direct mail
SaaSMQL B2B Direct Mail - Confident Cannabis

ABM gift box
The direct mail package is branded outside and inside, with a clear headline to drive the attention of our target prospects. Inside the box we included a brief summary of the value proposition and a call-to-action ("book a meeting within 2 weeks" with an incentive to be sent after the initial intro call.

One pager
A brochure placed inside the box with a summary of the value proposition and main features of the Confident Cannabis lab solution.

Landing page
The landing page (hosted on Unbounce) is created specifically for this ABM program, andit matches the direct mail offer and call-to-action. The page contains anembedded Calendly widget to book the meeting.

SaaSMQL ABM Program Results

RESULTS: 25 opportunities in 3 months
The Account-Based Marketing program generated significant engagement during the first 3 months. The only investment was a $5K budget for direct mail boxes. The packages were shipped to prospects that showed initial engagement on the warm-up emails, but didn't raise their hands to request a meeting. With an ASP of 12,000 ARR, the program generated 25 opportunities and ~$300,000 in sales pipeline within the first 90 days. During the same period, 3 of those opportunities already converted into signed deals, with more expected to close.