The Best SaaS Conferences You Can't Miss In 2024

November 30, 2023

Explore must-attend conferences in 2024, including the renowned SaaStr Annual. Follow SaaSMQL for insights into SaaS events 2024.

If SaaS conferences were important in 2023, they’re even more essential in 2024. In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and generative AI, things are about to get extra exciting for SaaS businesses in the year ahead. Fortune Business Insights estimates the global SaaS market value will exceed $908 billion by 2030, a significant increase from 2023’s $273.55 billion.

Knowing which conferences to attend or exhibit at can be a daunting task, however, given the sheer volume of SaaS events to consider. As in years past, we’ve eliminated the guesswork by rounding up the top SaaS events, 2024-style, to help you create a shortlist of SaaS conferences. From SaaStr Annual to MozCon, you’ll see some repeats from last year, along with newcomers on our list, ensuring you have plenty of options. Navigate our list confidently to pinpoint the SaaS conference must-sees for 2024, and get ready to connect with the right people, enterprises, and content crucial for sustained growth.

What makes a SaaS conference worth attending?

One of the primary draws of SaaS conferences is the networking opportunities these events present. Face-to-face interactions at conferences facilitate meaningful connections with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential collaborators. These connections often evolve into partnerships and a deeper understanding of the evolving SaaS landscape.

To learn whether a SaaS event is worth your time, look up the speaker lineup, the schedule of events such as roundtables and breakout sessions, and the roster of exhibitors. The knowledge exchange alone can be worthwhile, helping you brainstorm innovations for your SaaS platform and find solutions to some of your toughest obstacles. You’ll be able to converse with thought leaders while staying abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the SaaS domain.

Sometimes, attending a SaaS conference is worthwhile simply because your major competitors will be there and you need to show your face. Plus, observing competitors in action provides valuable insights, aiding SaaS businesses in refining their strategies and staying competitive.

Lastly, participating in a SaaS conference is a strategic move for brand visibility. You can position your business at the forefront of industry conversations by showcasing products, expertise, or services. This visibility leaves a lasting impression on potential clients, partners, and investors while contributing to the brand's overall growth.

Should you sponsor or just attend the event?

The decision to sponsor or simply attend a SaaS conference comes down to the potential return on investment — in terms of not only revenue but also new connections, knowledge, and brand awareness.

Sponsorship elevates brand visibility and lead generation through various avenues, including the prominent display of the company's logo on event materials, sponsored sessions, and exhibition booths. This heightened visibility can contribute to brand recognition, capturing the attention of a broader audience and solidifying the company's presence in the minds of conference attendees. This benefit obviously comes at a cost: a typical sponsorship package can range between $10,000 to over $200,000, depending on the level of visibility required.

On the other hand, attending the event as a participant is a more cost-effective option. It allows professionals to partake in the benefits of networking and knowledge exchange without the financial commitment of sponsorship. This more flexible approach lets attendees choose sessions, workshops, and activities based on their interests and business objectives without the additional responsibilities that come with sponsorship.

SaaS conference 2024 events — the full list

There’s much to consider regarding sponsorship or attendance, but our list of the best SaaS conferences should help you determine the best route for your business. Whether you exhibit or attend, making the rounds at a few key SaaS conferences can help you get your name out there and spark new growth in 2024. Here are our top recommendations for SaaS events in 2024.

1. Lead Generation World (USA)

When and where: January 7, 2024, Hollywood, FL, USA

Lead Generation World is an immersive experience for professionals embedded in the lead generation industry, focusing on bringing together the brightest minds in the industry. Early-bird registration is open until December 1, offering full access to the exhibit hall, all sessions, lunches, open bars, and VIP networking events for $995.

Lead Generation World 2024 (USA)


Why to attend: Lead Generation is ideal for advertisers and lead buyers involved with lead generation — whether you generate leads, buy leads, or provide services to those engaged in lead-related activities. The event promises exclusive networking opportunities with like-minded companies and targeted content designed to navigate the lead generation ecosystem.

2. Lead Generation World (England)

When and where: TBD, London, England

As with its U.S. counterpart, Lead Generation World London (LGWL) is the home for lead generators, performance marketers, and the service providers supporting their efforts. If you're a brand, agency, or service provider looking to stay informed about LGWL, sign up to be notified when registration opens for the 2024 event.

Why to attend: Besides delving into performance marketing strategies, LGWL connects attendees with lead-gen thought leaders. The conference facilitates group discussions tailored to various industry segments, including vertical-specific forums and sessions for marketers seeking best practices across channels.

3. Traffic & Conversion Summit

When and where: January 9, 2024, Las Vegas, NV, USA

The Traffic & Conversion Summit draws thousands of entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and agency owners worldwide looking to explore the latest digital marketing trends and proven strategies. Attendees can anticipate a wealth of insights, including new traffic channels, customer-centric marketing approaches, breakthroughs in conversion optimization, and an in-depth focus on AI-driven marketing. Early-bird prices start at $1,995.

Why to attend: If you’re looking for actionable content and growth strategies and not theories, the Traffic & Conversion Summit is the place to be. You’ll hear from experts and celebrity keynotes like Sir Richard Branson — learning tested, proven tactics to increase traffic, conversions, and sales.

4. SaaSOpen 2024

When and where: March 28, 2024, Austin, TX, USA

SaaSOpen is the SaaS event for founders seeking real insights and actionable strategies. The agenda promises dynamic keynotes delivered by founders who share genuine war stories from the trenches, supported by tangible evidence. The fast-paced 20-minute keynotes, presented in TedX and interview style, delve into never-disclosed tactics and strategies. Tickets are going fast and start around $600.

SaaSOpen 2024


Why to attend: SaaSOpen is a must-attend event for founders seeking genuine insights and a unique networking experience. The event also features a unique "Sharktank for SaaS Live" segment, where founders attempt to secure deals live on stage with three buyers/investors.

5. SaaSiest

When and where: April 15, 2024, Malmo, Sweden

SaaSiest 2024, a community-driven B2B SaaS event, will bring together 1,200 founders, executives, and venture capitalists. Expect tactical sessions, insights from over 50 top-notch speakers representing leading B2B SaaS companies, AMA sessions, workshops, VC matchmaking, and access to a dedicated Deal Room. Early-bird pricing starts at 399 EUR for a group ticket.

Why to attend: SaaSiest 2024 is a forum for European SaaS professionals to share, learn, and empower each other. The event promises to propel careers and businesses to new heights.

6. SaaStock USA 2024

When and where: May 13, 2024, Austin, TX, USA

SaaStock offers opportunities for networking and relationship-building among global SaaS decision-makers. With a focus on facilitating human connections, the event boasts over 100 hours of networking woven into the agenda, ensuring attendees leave with numerous valuable connections. Ultimately, SaaStock aims to equip participants with the knowledge and contacts necessary to propel their SaaS endeavors forward. Tickets start at $499.

Why to attend: SaaStock caters to varied interests within the SaaS ecosystem, with events ranging from 1-2-1 matchmaking to topic-specific bootcamps, investor-only content, and Startup Day.

7. Ignite USA 2024

When and where: TBD, Chicago, IL, USA

Ignite USA brings together professionals to help them forge connections, gain inspiration from pioneers, and elevate their marketing strategies. The event features talks, workshops, and roundtables led by industry experts, allowing attendees to delve into their challenges and pain points. The 2023 event took place in May; add your name to the interest list to get notified about Ignite’s official event dates.

Why to attend: Ignite USA is where B2B marketers converge to explore new frontiers in the industry. With five content streams, problem-solving workshops, roundtable discussions, and a vibrant atmosphere with over 400 B2B marketers, Ignite USA provides unparalleled networking opportunities.

8. MozCon 2024

When and where: June 3, 2024, Seattle, WA, USA

MozCon is a must-attend event for marketers exploring the future of digital marketing, with topics ranging from E-A-T and TikTok to ranking factors and algorithm updates. Attendees can expect next-level tactics on ranking higher, making data-driven decisions, and future-proofing businesses. Extremely early-bird tickets start at $899.

MozCon 2024


Why to attend: MozCon is an annual ritual for marketers, SEO professionals, CEOs, and UX specialists, who leave the conference invigorated with new ideas, skills, and a refreshed approach to client strategies.

9. SaaStr Europe 2024

When and where: June 4, 2024, London, England

SaaStr Europa 2024 is a premier gathering for 4,000 B2B founders, executives, and venture capitalists. The 5th edition promises two full days featuring over 75 tactical sessions, 100+ speakers from leading SaaS companies worldwide, and 1,000+ networking opportunities, including meetings, AMAs, mentoring sessions, and roundtables. The event also hosts 500+ VCs with a Meet-a-VC matchmaking program.

SaaStr Europa stands out for its SaaStr-style actionable advice and learnings tailored to help businesses scale from $0 to $100M ARR with less stress and more success. Attendees can anticipate a community-driven atmosphere, free from commercials and paid content, making it a must-attend event for B2B founders, executives, revenue leaders, and investors. Tickets start at $499.

Why to attend: SaaStr Europa offers a unique opportunity to learn from world-renowned founders, gain actionable insights, and build meaningful connections in the vibrant SaaS community. With a focus on actionable advice and a commitment to providing an environment tailored to SaaS professionals, this event leaves attendees with valuable knowledge and contacts to drive business growth. If you're a B2B founder, executive, revenue leader, or investor, SaaStr Europa 2024 is an essential event to stay at the forefront of the industry.

10. Collision Conference

When and where: June 17, 2024, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dubbed "The Olympics of Tech" by Politico, Collision is a globally significant tech conference bringing together over 36,000 attendees, 1,490 startups, 230 partners, and 865 investors from 118 countries. The SaaS event stands out as one of the world's largest and most influential tech gatherings, praised for redefining the global tech industry. Pre-register to save 50% on your ticket, starting at CA$446.

Collision Conference 2024


Why to attend: Collision attendees benefit from networking opportunities, insights from industry leaders, and the chance to explore Toronto's thriving tech scene.

11. SaaStr Annual 2024

When and where: September 10, 2024, San Mateo, CA, USA

SaaStr Annual 2024 is a popular SaaS gathering where attendees can expect a festival-style experience with no commercials or boring panels. The event brings together 13,000 cloud and SaaS founders, VCs, and executives for three full days of tactical content, workshops, and networking sessions. Featuring 250+ speakers, 2000+ networking meetings, 1000+ VCs, and 150+ sponsors driving innovation in the cloud, SaaStr Annual focuses on delivering specific, actionable advice to help businesses scale successfully from $0 to $100M ARR. Early-bird tickets start at $799.

SaaStr Annual 2024


Why to attend: SaaStr Annual offers an unparalleled opportunity for SaaS executives, founders, and investors to learn, collaborate, and scale their businesses. With handcrafted sessions from top industry leaders, mentorship opportunities, and engaging networking events, attendees can gain insights, build connections, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape.

SaaStr Annual Event


The event's community-focused approach ensures that participants, regardless of role, function, industry, or company size, can share and learn in an environment tailored to their needs. SaaStr Annual is a must-attend experience for anyone in the B2B SaaS space looking to accelerate their growth and success.

12. B2B Rocks 2024

When and where: September 24, 2024, Paris, France 

B2B Rocks is a premier SaaS event in Europe, bringing together over 1,500 leaders in SaaS and B2B. The conference offers growth-focused content, featuring 40+ talks, keynotes, panels, and masterclasses. The unique location at Station F, the world's largest startup campus, adds to the appeal, creating a networking-dedicated area for meaningful connections. Check back soon for 2024 event information.

Why to attend: B2B Rocks offers an opportunity for SaaS and B2B leaders to converge, learn, and network. With a growth-focused agenda, exclusive side events during Paris Tech Week, and a stellar lineup of speakers, attendees can gain actionable insights, stay abreast of industry trends, and forge connections with decision-makers in the SaaS landscape.

13. Inbound 24

When and where: September 28, 2024, Boston, MA, USA

Inbound 2024 combines an incubator's energy with an accelerator's intelligence. This event catalyzes individual career growth, business scaling, and positive community transformation. Attendees can expect a holistic experience with access to in-person content, entertainment, and networking opportunities with sponsors. Tickets start at $675.



Inbound 24

Why to attend: Inbound attendees can immerse themselves in a diverse range of content, from educational sessions to entertainment, fostering networking connections with sponsors and industry peers.

14. Unleash 2024

When and where: October 2, 2024, Seattle, WA, USA

With a focus on AI-powered sales execution, Unleash aims to supercharge attendees' mindsets, toolsets, and skill sets. The conference features inspiring keynotes from industry leaders like Mel Robbins, Cassandra Worthy, and Manny Medina, providing insights on abundance mindset, diversity, culture, empathy, and AI-powered productivity. Check back soon for registration details.

Why to attend: Unleash promises a unique blend of motivational keynotes, hands-on workshops, and exclusive experiences, promoting personal and professional development.

15. SaaStock Europe 2024

When and where: October 14, 2024, Dublin, Ireland

SaaStock Europe, like its U.S. counterpart, is a premier European SaaS conference for founders, executives, and investors. The conference gathers 6,000 attendees, 200 partners, and 600 investors from across the SaaS ecosystem. SaaStock is recognized for providing practical, relevant, and immediately applicable takeaways, making it the go-to event for decision-makers in the European tech scene. Join the waitlist to gain registration access in December 2023.

SaaStock Europe 2024


Why to attend: With a track record of delivering actionable takeaways, SaaStock provides a platform to showcase solutions in front of Europe's largest gathering of SaaS decision-makers, making it an essential event for those seeking growth, collaboration, and industry visibility.

16. Ascent NYC

When and where: TBD, New York City, NY, USA

If the West Coast Ascent Conference doesn’t suit you, consider attending in the Big Apple instead. The conference offers a platform to explore partnership opportunities, establish significant industry connections, identify potential hires, and more. Watch for registration details coming soon.

Why to attend: The diverse composition of the Ascent audience, including varying seniority levels and company sizes, makes the networking opportunities rich and meaningful. The event tends to sell out due to its focus on practical takeaways and industry-specific challenges.


When and where: TBD, Ottawa, Canada

SAAS NORTH is aimed at rapidly scaling SaaS founders, teams, and investors. Recognized as Canada's largest in-person SaaS community since 2016, the event brings together 2,000+ attendees, 800+ companies, and 100+ speakers for a transformative professional experience. A half-day conference, WEB3 NORTH, precedes SAAS NORTH, focusing on normalizing web3 in the industrial/enterprise mass market. Check back soon for registration details.



Why to attend: SAAS NORTH offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Canada's thriving SaaS ecosystem. With a track record of delivering substantial returns for attendees and featuring influential speakers, the conference is a must-attend for SaaS professionals seeking inspiration, knowledge, and valuable connections.

18. Slush 2024

When and where: November 2024, Helsinki, Finland

Slush asserts it’s the largest startup event globally and the primary gathering for venture capitalists. Operating as a not-for-profit, Slush aims to deliver actionable company-building advice, hosting four stages dedicated to diverse perspectives on company building. The event facilitates over 20,000 meetings, providing a unique space for startup founders, operators, investors, media, and policymakers to converge. Check back soon for registration details.

Why to attend: Slush is a must-attend event for startup enthusiasts, offering invaluable insights from iconic startup founders, operators, and investors. The conference's reputation as a global entrepreneurship hub reinforces its significance for ambitious founders and industry professionals.

19. Recurring Revenue Conference

When and where: TBD, Culver City, Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Recurring Revenue Conference brings together 700 SaaS and subscription leaders, including C-suite executives, leading investors, and cloud executives. Positioned as the #1 SaaS and Cloud Conference in Southern California, the SaaS event offers 20+ sessions, including keynotes, Fireside Chats, breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions, covering topics from analytics and customer insights to scaling and pivoting.

Why to attend: The Recurring Revenue Conference is essential for SaaS and subscription industry professionals seeking insights, connections, and strategic guidance.

20. Future of SaaS

When and where: ​​November 8, 2024, London, England

The Future of SaaS conference is designed for founders and C-suite professionals across various businesses, from niche startups to renowned enterprises. This must-attend conference offers a platform to delve into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the SaaS space. Early-bird pricing starts at £795.

Why to attend: #SaaS24 provides a unique opportunity for founders and C-suite professionals to explore, collaborate, and gain insights into the dynamic SaaS space.

Which SaaS Events 2024 Will You Attend?

Attending a SaaS conference can be a strategic move to boost your SaaS lead generation, draw inspiration from others' successes, and discover avenues for enhancing and scaling your business. Active participation in these events is essential for those seeking substantial growth in the coming year.

Stay connected with SaaSMQL for the latest updates on SaaS conferences, B2B marketing insights, ABM strategies, and other valuable topics tailored for small-business owners in the dynamic SaaS domain. It's your pathway to staying informed, inspired, and at the forefront of the latest SaaS developments.

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